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Local Companies

Small Chaos may not offer all of the services you are looking for. Please check out the offerings of these other local, Seattle-based companies to meet the remainder of your needs.

Universal Mac - Committed to providing the highest quality Macintosh support in the Seattle area.

Studio Prima - Studio Prima fuses design and technology with business strategy for a new approach to web design.

Terabyte Hosting - Offering affordable servers with a terabyte of storage and a terabyte of bandwidth.

Expedition Trips - Find the perfect adventure cruise for you.

Matthew J. Small PLLC - Seattle based Technology Law Firm.

Hay Meadows Design and SEO - Seattle based Search Engine Optimization company that can help improve your web site's search rankings.

Search Engine OptimizationHay Meadows is a local Seattle based company that can help improve your site's rankings. They have a strong client oriented approach to their business, and have been family owned and operated since 2002. - Hay Meadows

What is Chaos?The dictionary definition of chaos is turmoil, turbulence, primordial abyss, and undesired randomness, but scientists will tell you that chaos is something extremely sensitive to initial conditions. Chaos also refers to the question of whether or not it is possible to make good long-term predictions about how a system will act. A chaotic system can actually develop in a way that appears very smooth and ordered. - Mendelson and Blumenthal

Business Method PatentsA company that develops a new way of conducting e-commerce may be able to prevent others from using it for almost two decades. - Nolo

MGM v. GroksterEFF is defending StreamCast Networks, the company behind the Morpheus peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software, in an important case heard before the Supreme Court of the United States on March 29, 2005. - Electronic Frontier Foundation

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